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December 8, 2020
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More than 480 register for PCOA20
Victoria’s new “summer” COVID normal
“We risk leaving parts of our industry behind” – BECA chair identifies recovery hurdle
AIME announces AIMEbassador program for 2021
Something to pique your curiosity

More than 480 register for PCOA20
In an encouraging sign for the future of hybrid events, more than 480 people registered for PCOA20, the Professional Conference Organiser Association’s (PCOA) inaugural hybrid conference. Kicking off yesterday and continuing today, the conference is taking place through EventsAIR’s online platform, OnAIR, as well as in-person in hubs across Australia and New Zealand.
So far participants have listened to updates from industry heavyweights, insightful discussions about topics including social media strategy and the future of event speakers and laughed along to the witty commentary from event emcee Nick Bartlett.
We’re about to head off to the event’s day two brunch at Hyatt Regency Sydney (PCOA20’s main hub) but will keep you updated with any exciting insights and takeaways. Be sure to follow our social media channels.
Victoria’s new “summer” COVID normal
By Graeme Kemlo
Having held our collective breaths for more than a month, Victoria’s restaurants and meeting venues finally got the increase in customers they’d been seeking – one person per two sqm. And we finally got to take off our masks outside, although they must be carried and worn in a crowd – supermarkets, shopping centres, department stores, indoor markets and on public transport, taxis and rideshare services.
Not that there’s much of a crowd in Melbourne. With premier Andrews unable to say what the limit will be on major events – “I can’t today give you a Boxing Day Test number or an Australian Open number,” he said.
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“We risk leaving parts of our industry behind” – BECA chair identifies recovery hurdle
Chair of the Business Events Council of Australia (BECA), Dr Vanessa Findlay, said she believes a division is occurring within the business events industry when it comes to recovery. Addressing the virtual and in-person audiences at the Professional Conference Organiser Association’s (PCOA) 13th Annual Hybrid Conference yesterday, Dr Findlay said that a close eye is being kept on what appears to be a two-speed recovery within the sector.
“There is a component of the business events industry who is reporting high levels of confidence and strong bookings, and other components, mainly in the supply chain for business events, who remain in really challenging positions,” she said.
“We are working to get to the bottom of the main reason for this distinction. Whether the reporting is based on sentiment that is yet to convert into actual business, or whether the conversion has occurred but is yet to flow through to the supply chain.
“Answering this must gain our immediate focus, otherwise we risk leaving parts of our industry behind.”
Dr Findlay also said that the recovery of the business events industry will happen in phases dependent on the dictates of government and the response from businesses.
She said she believes business travel “will return”, and that BECA and PCOA are closely watching the evolution of company travel policies and their decision-making criteria which includes business travel expenses, the necessity to travel, liability factors and the purposes of business events.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's Daily Business Events Update for more insights from Dr Findlay.
AIME announces AIMEbassador program for 2021
The 2021 instalment of the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) will feature an AIMEbassador program which has been inspired by the challenges of 2020, including having to rethink the ways in which we connect.
Not much has been revealed yet about the AIMEbassadors, but we can tell you that their role will be to unite communities in coming together to help kick-start business in 2021 and beyond. They will share their insights and expertise with the AIME community in order to spark inspiration, creativity and to get people talking.
Confused? So are we. Keep an eye on AIME’s LinkedIn page for the latest announcements, including Q&As and profiles on its AIMEbassadors and their ideas on helping to restore and revitalise the industry.
Something to pique your curiosity
If you’re a fan of cocktails, secrets, spunky looking spaces and/or live music, you’re guaranteed to be charmed by Curious – a secret bar that will be located within W Melbourne when it opens in February 2021.
Guests looking for Curious will need to head to Market Street before stepping down a spiral staircase. Once there they will find a cocoon design made from timber beams which will lead to an inviting space replete with dark earthy tones.
Proof & Co will curate the cocktail menu, borrowing inspiration from Melbourne’s fashion, art and coffee scenes. The full menu will be revealed at a later date, but we can confirm that ‘A Curious Ristretto’ – W Hotels’ version of an espresso martini – will feature.
Patrons will also be able to sip on locally-made, boutique craft spirits, and munch on bites courtesy of venue’s executive chef Jihun Kim. Emerging talent will provide live tunes for the venue.
You could say we are… curious… about Curious.
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