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October 30, 2020
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New conference venue for Margaret River
Putting the Social into Virtual
Go O/S – no duty, no GST, no passport
To everyone meeting online. . . 
Your weekly grin and tonic

New conference venue for Margaret River
Western Australia’s south west is now home to a new conferencing venue: The Margaret River HEART. The multi-purpose facility is located just a short walk from the main shopping and accommodation district in the shire precinct and can cater for events with up to 1100 people.
In addition to the main theatre which can seat 446 guests, the venue boasts a smaller studio theatre that can seat 150. It also features an expansive foyer and art gallery, as well as natural lighting throughout.
The building incorporates sustainable design features and has been benchmarked as four stars for its Green Star Design Rating. Fittingly, the first conference will be Australia’s annual Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference, which will take place between December 1 and 3, 2020.
Putting the Social into Virtual
By Michael Pope, emcee and keynote speaker
Last week one of the television industry’s favourite audience emcees, Michael Pope, produced and hosted a 300-pax live virtual awards ceremony.
Now he shares with us how he kept the audience engaged, the unexpected benefits of hosting an event online and what the experience taught him.
Read his article here. 
Go O/S – no duty, no GST, no passport
By Graeme Kemlo
Historic Norfolk Island 1600 km off our east coast is touting its historical and cultural attraction. But more pragmatic in pandemic times, it’s the way to: “Go overseas on a domestic flight.”
Largely a leisure tourism destination, the island is perfect for small conventions, incentives and executive retreats according to the administrator, Eric Hutchinson.
The majestic Norfolk pine, now popular on the mainland, first drew Captain Cook to Norfolk in 1774. He abandoned the island when the pines did not prove useful as ship masts. But it was settled as a British penal colony just weeks after the First Fleet landed in Sydney in March 1788.
Continue reading here. 
To everyone meeting online...
Destination Gold Coast has released part two of its ‘Let’s Meet Again Soon’ video series, inviting industry friends and colleagues to hang in there as it won’t be long before we can all meet again in person.
The video kicks off with some humorous observations on virtual meetings, before progressing to scenes of the Gold Coast and assuring viewers that we will soon be able to disconnect in order to reconnect.
Ah, we can’t wait. Have a watch of the video here. 
Your weekly grin and tonic
Two videos in the one e-newsletter… how lucky are you? We figure that Friday is pretty much the weekend from 1 pm onwards, so what better way to welcome it than by watching Darren Isenberg’s latest compilation of images.
This week he’s put together photos that he found funny. Not because they fit with a particular theme…. But because they’re simply amusing. This is something we can definitely get on board with.
Watch the video here. 
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