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October 16, 2020
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150 plus tune in to MCB webinar
Who needs Hamish and Zoe when you’ve got David and Barbara
NSW Government holds back on easing
Free your mind in Thailand
We need to lift our virtual game
Your weekly Grin and Tonic

150 plus tune in to MCB webinar
The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) launched a new webinar series for event planners yesterday with more than 155 event planners turning in to learn more about hosting business events in Melbourne, new venues, teambuilding ideas, accommodation, experiences, and how MCB help deliver an outstanding business event. As the city prepares to reopen for business events, a key highlight of yesterday’s educational session were valuable insights into the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s (MCEC) Venue Safe Plan and new virtual and hybrid events solutions.
The MCEC's new virtual events solution builds on its existing expertise and capabilities in running live-stream events and facilitating virtual gatherings. From ticketed online events to corporate launches, large scale conferences and even virtual gala dinners, the clever team at MCEC can provide an elevated virtual experience with high production values to match.
As part of the offering, MCEC has invested in purpose built studios that allow for scalable events – from a more intimate fireside chat, to a panel discussion of up to six presenters. There’s also the capacity to host live-streaming across multiple spaces that allow for a hybrid of virtual and in-person events, for when restrictions ease.
Look out for the next MCB Event Planners webinar coming soon.
Who needs Hamish and Zoe when you’ve got David and Barbara
By Brad Foster
As reported in Wednesday’s e-newsletter, Tourism Australia’s new domestic campaign features Aussie celebrities Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake. Anticipating a campaign to kick-start the business event sector, and with money probably pretty tight, we wondered whether it should be fronted by one of our very own “BE Power Couples”.
And who could go past Barbara Addison-Weiss and her hubby David?
Got any more suggestions? Send them our way.
NSW Government holds back on easing
The NSW Government is awaiting further advice from chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant before easing additional restrictions for gatherings, which were due to be announced yesterday.
The decision follows a growing outbreak in Sydney’s south west that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian describes as concerning.
On Tuesday, restrictions in NSW were eased from today with up to 500 people allowed to attend open-air concerts as long as they stay seated and four metres apart. Plans were to also relax restrictions at outdoor dining venues.
This easing may be reversed in coming days if COVID-19 cases continue to accelerate in NSW.
Free your mind in Thailand
Reflections on past troughs and peaks remind us of our tenacity in managing crises and the elation we get from celebrating successes.
Although the rethinking process may affect our confidence levels, the outcomes bring humility that anchors our new found purpose.
Redesigning event experiences and business models through uncertainty calls for bravery, ingenuity and investment. Even if it seems as though no one has definitive answers to what our future might bring, we can collectively agree that the right content and meaningful engagement strategy can drive the new future of meetings and incentives.
Inspired by the positive psychological impact of travel, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) created a new video campaign in the hopes of sparking creativity and innovation by freeing the mind. Whether it is having a nature walk, observing sunrise at the beach or enjoying a wellness activity, three international buyers share exhilarating moments they experienced in Thailand.
We hope that the breath-taking visuals of Thailand free your mind now and until the time we meet again.
Watch video here
We need to lift our virtual game
Nectar Creative Communications’ Peta Moore reflects on a tumultuous 2020 as we roar towards Christmas and, thankfully, a new year.
Working in an industry where we are constantly told to ‘embrace change’ and ‘look to the future’ was no preparation for the change that we have all been through this year. It turns out the natural way for an event manager to cope with change is 'control coping’ (we are control freaks after all).
With an incredible team on my side we didn’t stand still for long. Very quickly we moved through the initial shock and disorientation, anger and fear and got to proactively jumping feet first into the world of virtual - get trained, get certified and get practicing. In particular for me, it was all about ensuring that we kept the audience at the forefront of everything we do. Just because we were going virtual with a conference didn’t mean we could lose our focus to drive outcomes from events. We actually started getting excited by the possibilities of virtual, and the value we could bring as content designers and event strategists.
Click here to read more.
Your weekly Grin and Tonic
It’s time for everyone’s favourite end-of-week, quirky photo compilation courtesy of Darren Isenberg.
For this week’s Grin and Tonic video, Darren has compiled photos of animals behaving like absolute … well, animals. He’s wondering when the Australian Veterinarian Association is having its conference. Maybe they’ll be interested??!!
Enjoy it right here.
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