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October 14, 2020
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EventsAIR helps event planners to deliver the next level in virtual events
WANTED: Business events power couple to front new campaign
Incentive sector urged to complete survey
Different boat, same storm.  Weathering COVID-19
AACB chief readies to lose COVID beard
EventsAIR helps event planners to deliver the next level in virtual events
EventsAIR is pleased to announce the launch of the latest release of its OnAIR virtual and hybrid event solution. Version 3 includes AIRCast streaming and studio, giving event organizers the ability to raise the bar on how virtual sessions are produced and staged.
The modern-day event planner has had to look at new ways to deliver content that will engage and delight delegates, clients, sponsors, exhibitors, and audiences around the globe. Shifting to virtual events has been the only vehicle to do this and, in some cases, others are looking to a hybrid model of a blend of in-person and virtual to expand their reach.
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WANTED: Business events power couple to front new campaign
By Brad Foster
The tourism sector has Aussie celebrities Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake fronting Tourism Australia's new campaign aimed at getting people travelling again. Which made us wonder... Is there an Aussie business events power couple who could front a campaign to kick-start the business event sector?
We're thinking big here. Maybe Peter Jones and his lovely wife Brenda. Or how 'bout Karen and Anthony Jepson or David Addison and Barbara Addison-Weiss.
Got a suggestion? Shoot us an email and we'll send them onto TA. And just quietly we can't wait for the campaign for our sector either.
Incentive sector urged to complete survey
President of SITE ANZ, Colette Baini is urging incentive travel practitioners in Australia and New Zealand to complete the association’s global survey to ensure that our region is well represented.
“For those that may not have had the time to complete as yet, we urge you to please do so this week. An extension has been provided and we ask that you complete the survey by this Friday 16th October.”
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Different boat, same storm. Weathering COVID-19
By Megan Peters
It has been just over seven months now since the fateful Friday the 13th that saw the industry I love fall to its knees. What has unfolded since that day has been an absolute roller coaster of emotions.
I feel like every single self-help tactic taught by the conference speakers we have all heard many times over has been used by me this year – with varying success!
At the start I think many of us were in denial and couldn’t really understand the emotions we were feeling – mainly because they changed multiple times a day – sometimes multiple times an hour!
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AACB chief readies to lose COVID beard
By Andrew Hiebl
This year's World Mental Health Day on 10 October marked seven months since National Cabinet shut down the business events industry in Australia due to COVID-19. It also marks seven months of growing my COVID beard as a daily reminder of the mental health impacts that the pandemic is placing our people in the tourism and events industry.
I am proud to say that thanks to your generosity, I have surpassed my goal and have raised over $5250 for mental health via Beyond Blue. However, there is still time to support this important cause in any way you can. If you have not done so already, please visit my site "The COVID beard must go” to donate.
Note that all supporters to the end of this week will be recognised on the BIG cheque being presented to Beyond Blue.
Thank you and best regards,
Andrew Hiebl
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