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September 25, 2020
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Is good ole Aussie lethargy to blame for lack of events?
Crystalbrook acquires Brisbane art hotel The Fantauzzo
Safe, steady and cautious – Vic Premier
Your weekly Grin and Tonic
Is good ole Aussie lethargy to blame for lack of events?
By Brad Foster
News out this week from Japan reports that exhibition organiser Informa Markets has just successfully hosted four exhibitions in that country. They included the Call Center/CRM Demo & Conference Osaka, eCommerce Fair Osaka, Diet & Beauty Fair (Tokyo) and PROJECT Tokyo, which combined had more than 20,000 in attendance.
This is a country that on Wednesday had recorded 80,150 COVID-19 cases with 1521 deaths. Australia’s tally on Wedneday was 26,942 and 854 deaths, and New Zealand’s was 1815 cases and 25 deaths.
This is a country whose citizens are complicit with their government’s directives, with few protests about anything.
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Crystalbrook acquires Brisbane art hotel The Fantauzzo
Boutique property The Fantauzzo, which is situated beneath Brisbane’s Story Bridge overlooking the Howard Smith Wharves, has been acquired by Crystalbrook Collection.
The purchase of the 166-room hotel from the Deague Group marks Crystalbrook’s entry into the Brisbane market, with the official handover scheduled for the first half of 2021.
The Fantauzzo features the Italian Polpetta kitchen and bar, the elevated Fiume bar along with a rooftop pool, fitness centre and meeting spaces.
Safe, steady and cautious – Vic Premier
By Graeme Kemlo
Despite mounting pressure from business in Melbourne - many of them tourism-related - to re-open, premier Daniel Andrews says any easing of restrictions to be announced on the weekend would not be big steps.
“We have got to be safe, steady and cautious,” he told media gathered for his usual morning press conference.
Melbourne reported 12 new COVID-19 infections and two deaths during the previous 24 hours, continuing the downward trend, which now sits at the 14-day average of 26.7 in Melbourne and 1.1 in regional Victoria.
So while Mr Andrews could not announce radical changes that might allow larger gatherings for business, major events, or to heed calls from restaurateurs to open their dining rooms, he did promise that any announced changes would be quickly implemented.
Your weekly Grin and Tonic
“What? Where’s our weekly quotivational video?” you may ask. Well, considering Darren Isenberg’s videos have transitioned from collections of great quotes to collections of great photos, he’s decided on a new name: Grin & Tonics.
The theme of the inaugural Grin & Tonics video is good timing/bad timing, and how whether something falls into the former or latter category is a) a matter of perspective and b) quite irrelevant, when it comes to these photos.
Enjoy the Grin & Tonic video (perhaps with a gin and tonic in hand? It’s five o’clock somewhere) here. 
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