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August 6, 2020
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Virgin axes Tigerair
Underwater art museum opens on Great Barrier Reef
Brand activation in a pandemic
Come back plan: Pacific Suites Canberra
Virgin axes Tigerair
The airline brand renowned for cancelling flights has now been cancelled itself. Virgin Australia’s new owners, Bain Capital, have announced that they are resting the Tigerair brand.
In an announcement, the airline said its budget offering would be sidelined until there were enough customers to warrant reviving it.
Jetstar now remains the only low-cost carrier operating out of Australia.
Despite this, Virgin has said it will not come downmarket to compete with Jetstar but intends to operate as a full capacity airline with variable prices.
Underwater art museum opens on Great Barrier Reef
Stage One of the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) – a Coral Greenhouse situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef – has officially been completed, with tours to the attraction beginning today.
The museum was created by the MOUA board, artist Jason deCaires Taylor and the North Queensland community, who worked together for four years to bring it to life.
The Coral Greenhouse merges reef conservation, research and science with tourism, the arts and Indigenous storytelling. It is expected to provide a significant economic boost to the region, bringing an additional 50,000 visitors annually to the reef.
Stage Two on Palm Island and Stage Three on Magnetic Island are expected to be completed next year.
Brand activation in a pandemic
By Gerardine Donough-Tan
With physical conferences and exhibitions canned during the current global pandemic, how do brands engage key customers, and how do service providers generate business?
Well, they can work closely together to achieve common objectives and best outcomes, said Chan Wee Teck, Vice President of Pico Singapore. He shares insights on how their teams partner with brands in a collaborative manner to meet their goals in marketing, communication and conversion – even in a virtual world.
Discover more here. 
Come back plan: Pacific Suites Canberra
Suppliers in the nation’s capital have been very eager to share their come back plans with us. Our final instalment in the series for the week comes from Pacific Suites Canberra, a venue which has been busily working on its Covid-safe event offering.
General manager of Pacific Suites Canberra, Lauren Sutherland, shared what she believes the future of events will look like, and provided quite a different response from the others we’ve received.
You can check out her answer, and what else the venue has been up to during recent times, here. 
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