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September 4, 2020
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Terrible timing… positive outcome
Singapore FinTech Festival x SWITCH goes global
We took part in the world’s first hybrid speaker showcase
Sydney Showground introduces Covid-safe event options
Your weekly quotivation
Terrible timing… positive outcome
By Graeme Kemlo
Reckon you’re doing it tough? Think about Brendan McClements.
He took over as CEO of Visit Victoria on January 6 and immediately faced the twin ravages of summer wildfires until March, when coronavirus effectively stopped anybody wanting to visit Victoria.
He said the value of Victorians touring their own state was about $9 billion a year: “And that money goes to someone in the regions… so we thought, while people can’t travel they can take the opportunity to buy from people who would normally welcome visitors.”
So, Click for Vic was born. It is designed to encourage people to buy from the producers, makers and creators they normally visit to help them remain in business. While it is less than two weeks old, he said: “We’re really pleased with the response to date.”
Singapore FinTech Festival x SWITCH goes global
By Gerardine Donough-Tan
Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) x Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology (SWITCH) will expand to become “the world’s first week-long round-the-clock, hybrid digital and physical event” said lead organisers, Monetary Authority of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore.
Scheduled from December 7 to 11, the hybrid platform will feature online cities with digital locations for virtual meetings and technology displays. There will also be physical events hosted by in-country partners where participants will be able to network with local government and industry leaders and attend closed-door roundtables. Initial partner countries include the U.K., France, Germany, U.S. and India.
Participants can watch ‘live’ streams of curated sessions featuring leading speakers from around the world and view sessions taking place in the physical host cities.
We took part in the world’s first hybrid speaker showcase
Yesterday micenet tuned in to the world’s first – but presumably not last – hybrid speaker showcase. Conceived by Cliftons Venues, Cliftons Elevate showcased a range of well-known international and Australian speakers who presented to audiences physically in Sydney and Brisbane, as well as online to those at home.
Collectively, the showcase featured nine hours of content from speakers including OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn AO and well-known broadcaster and journalist Tracey Spicer.
Continue reading here. 
Sydney Showground introduces Covid-safe event options
To relieve the stress and uncertainty around running an event during COVID-19, Sydney Showground has launched a range of support options for events booked before the end of 2021.
Some of the venue’s special offers include financial assistance, no fee event postponement for up to three months prior, multiple event agreements and additional social distancing space to encourage event bookings.
Commenting on the options, Sydney Showground general manager Peter Thorpe said: “If events are to continue, venues and event organisers need to work together, and while we have a long road ahead of us, we hope this initiative will ease the minds of organisers hesitant to secure space and kick-start smaller events which can operate safely within government regulations and those looking to run in 2021.”
For more information, click here. 
Your weekly quotivation
This week Darren Isenberg had a bit of a sad reminder about the absence of international travel. While he was very happy to secure two bookings in one week for the first time since the virus struck, he couldn’t help but think about the fact that if things had gone to plan this year, he would’ve been traveling from emceeing an event in Orlando in the US to facilitating sessions in Kaohsiung in Taiwan.
This week’s quotivational reel is designed to take you on a nostalgic tour of some of the world’s greatest landmarks… with an Isenberg twist.
Enjoy the video here. 
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