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June 3, 2020
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The once-ignored product thriving during COVID
“This too shall pass”
Mental health in events
Three LinkedIn tips to help you right now
When artists stay at home
The once-ignored product thriving during COVID
When COVID-19 led to an increase in major project cancellations, managing director of niche digital equipment supplier Congress Rental, Jeremy Ducklin, knew he had to think quickly. In response, he shifted his focus to one of the business’ latest offerings: remote interpretation, a solution which translates spoken word into a different language as it is being spoken.
According to Jeremy, the industry was hesitant to adopt the technology before the pandemic, but is now turning to it in droves to allow for smooth, uninterrupted cross-language conversations in remote meetings and events.
"Having worked on offering and providing remote interpretation for the past few years, we were ready for a possible increase in demand due to COVID19,” he said.
“The interest we got exceeded our expectations, and we now have a significant pipeline of remote interpretation events.”
Continue reading here. 
“This too shall pass”
By Lauren Arena
Live exhibitions are here to stay, according to UFI APAC regional manager, Mark Cochrane.
For those looking for crystal ball predictions, Cochrane says Chinese e-commerce giants Tencent and Alibaba will provide the best indicators for the industry’s future, but insists that “it will not be an entirely new world”.
Are we being over-optimistic?
Read here to find out.
Mental health in events
We were so impressed by CEO of Mindstar Aaron Williams’ talk in AV1’s Inspire Speakers Showcase that we’ve invited him to contribute a weekly column to our e-newsletter.
The series will focus on ways to stay mentally healthy - a very timely topic in the current climate – with the first instalment centring on how to stop catastrophising when so many unanswered questions are floating through your head.
Do your brain a favour and have a look through it here. 
Three LinkedIn tips to help you right now
Has your LinkedIn been attracting tumbleweeds during the global pandemic? You might want to log back in. Research indicates that almost 80 per cent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, so it’s now more important than ever to be active on the platform.
Social media expert and regular micenet contributor Annabel Sullivan has penned a useful piece on the three things you should be doing on LinkedIn right now. Have a read of it here. 
When artists stay at home
When Ding Productions sent us a video of what their artists have been up to during isolation, we simply had to share it with all of you. Sing Productions is South Australia’s leading producer of live entertainment for major events, and has toured Australia with a wide range of corporate clients. The video showcases what its aerialists, musicians, singers, hoop artists, pole artists and serpent dancers have been up to at home (spoiler alert, it’s not sitting around watching Netflix all day).
Have a watch of the video here.  You won’t regret it.
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