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June 2, 2020
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Will AUD & NZ suffer like Europe?
MEA State and National Award Winners announced
Tired of noisy housemates?
Multiple groups of 100 now allowed in NZ conference venues
Our industry friends in isolation: Steve Coombes
Will AUD & NZ suffer like Europe?
By Brad Foster
A study on the coronavirus impact on the European convention sector is anticipating a return of 75 per cent of meetings from September but with lower numbers, which is likely to continue out to 2023.
The study – The Impact of Coronavirus on Europe’s Convention Sector – was prepared by Tourism Economics and predicts a reduction in average attendance of 25 per cent for 2021 and five per cent in 2022 before fully recovering in 2023.
The study found the total number of event visits in Europe were expected to fall by 58 per cent in 2020, with the worst case scenario anticipating a 77 per cent fall.
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MEA State and National Award Winners announced
If you didn’t see our eNewsletter yesterday, click here to see the MEA State and National Award Winners.
This was the first time that the state and national awards were presented together and the first time it was broadcast to an audience of more than 500 attendees from across Australia participating online. Congratulations to all of the winners!
Image courtesy of Oneill Photographics.
Tired of noisy housemates?
Bad Wi-Fi connections, barking dogs and housemates clanging pots and pans in the kitchen are some of the frequently cited distractions while working from home. Well, Element Melbourne Richmond has come up with a solution. As part of its Igloo Meeting Package, the hotel is offering its two outdoor heated igloos as office spaces for guests.
The igloos have been decked out with desks and chairs, power stations, stationary, complimentary tea and coffee making facilities and a cosy fire and heater, which is perfect for winter. They even include couches for you to relax on in between Zoom meetings.
Perhaps this change of scenery could provide quite the boost to your creative juices. It may even give you some ideas for a future event.
Multiple groups of 100 now allowed in NZ conference venues
In huge news for New Zealand’s business events sector, large events with separate groups of 100 are now allowed to go ahead in the country.
Conventions & Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) chief executive Lisa Hopkins said the industry is welcoming government changes to Alert Level 2 which allow multiple groups of 100 people to attend conference events.
“These new guidelines give our industry much more confidence to plan forward, knowing we can deliver larger events. We can now go ahead and confirm bookings for groups of 500, for example, by using five different divisions within the same venue, ensuring groups can move in and out of venues in a safe way,” she said.
Delegates are still required to keep a one metre distance from people they do not know when possible.
Our industry friends in isolation: Steve Coombes
As the end of isolation nears and restrictions start to ease, reading the future plans of our industry friends is becoming a lot more fun. Just take EventConnect’s Steve Coombes, who is looking forward to doing some snowboarding at Mt Bulla when things return to normal.
Find out what he’s been up to in isolation here (and yes, the picture will make sense once you do).
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