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May 25, 2020
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Tourism Australia MD keeping the faith
Monaco to hold three Grand Prix in one month
Is this the future of event venues?
Be our guest, be our guest
Tourism Australia MD keeping the faith
By Brad Foster
Phllipa Harrison is a hard woman to catch at the best of times. Right now, it’s a little harder. And no wonder. At present she’s probably feeling a little like the PM who appears to be working 24/7.
But she did grab an hour last week to respond to some questions we asked about the current state of play and what TA was doing.
Hard to imagine that if the industry you were working in suddenly grinds to a halt what you would do. For TA, they don’t appear to be having a problem. More work, just different.
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Monaco to hold three Grand Prix in one month
Zoom, zoom, zoom. For once we’re not talking about the video conferencing platform but the sound that comes from racing cars.
Following the cancellation of the 2020 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the 2020 Monaco Historic Grand Prix, the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) has decided to organise three Grand Prix in 2021, in the space of one month.
The events all being held within one month will present a logistical challenge for the team and staff at ACM, as well as the 3000 volunteers. The track will be set up from the end of February, as opposed to March 15, and technical aspects will need to be integrated on and around it. We wonder how many people will be allowed to spectate by then.
Is this the future of event venues?
AsiaWorld-Expo, one of two major convention and exhibition centres in Hong Kong, recently introduced the world’s first “CLEANTech" disinfection installation to up the ante on health and safety precautions.
The mobile installation features BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying technology and negative room pressure to effectively ‘disinfect’ visitors before entering event halls. The outer door opens automatically following a built-in temperature check. Once inside the capsule, CLEANTech is said to sanitise visitors’ clothes and belongings in just 12 seconds.
In a pilot run, the device is currently deployed at AsiaWorld-Expo’s main entrance as the venue acts as a temporary test centre for inbound travellers.
“We have received positive feedback both internally and externally, and staff appreciate the company effort to ensure their wellbeing,” said general manager of business development, Nancy Chan.
“Many business partners, enterprises from other industries and even some government authorities, local and overseas, have also expressed their interest,” she added.
Be our guest, be our guest
We’ll always have Paris… but it might be a while before we get to go there again. In the interim, why not give Tourism Portfolio’s DMC partner TERRAEVENTS France’s crepe recipe a go?
Just add some candles, an accordion soundtrack and pop on some berets, and you’ll be instantly transported to the city of love.
Have a look through the recipe here. 
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