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May 4, 2020
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Global Exhibitions Day to go ahead online
Register for the OnAIR Showcase
Sicily offers to pay for visitors’ holidays post-pandemic
Eight ways to stay mentally healthy while working from home
Another recipe – hop to it!
Global Exhibitions Day to go ahead online
The annual Global Exhibitions Day event will go ahead this year on June 3, and be hosted online through the ICC Sydney’s world-class studio.
The worldwide webinar will include international speakers, panel discussions and a live Q&A, with a focus on the importance of the global exhibitions industry as a business platform, whether it be virtual, face-to-face or a combination of both.
Further details and a speaker line-up will be announced shortly.
If you would like to be involved, email eleung@eeaa.com.au.
Register for the OnAIR Showcase
micenet is exhibiting at the OnAIR Showcase – a fully virtual/hybrid event solution built on the EventsAIR sixth generation event management platform.
During this event, you can meet us face-to-face at a virtual stand, network with other attendees in virtual discussion groups and attend various session types.
Be part of the event that will change how online events will be run. Register now here. 
Sicily offers to pay for visitors’ holidays post-pandemic
As first reported by The Times, Sicily is offering to pay for a portion of visitors’ expenses in an effort to attract tourists back to the island post-COVID-19.
The plan, which will see the island cover half of visitors’ flights and a third of their hotel room costs, will set the island back €50 million. Due to the effects of COVID-19, Sicily has already lost €1 billion in tourism dollars.
Vouchers will reportedly become available at the appropriate time, and Sicily will also be giving out free tickets to its museums and archaeological sites.
Hopefully this generosity extends to the incentive market.
Eight ways to stay mentally healthy while working from home
Our favourite speaker from Friday’s Inspire Speakers Showcase was Aaron Williams – CEO and co-founder of Mindstar, an organisation dedicated to maximising mental health in the workplace.
As Aaron explained in his talk, mental health is different from mental illness, for while the latter is typically concerned with depression and anxiety, the former is all about maintaining mental fitness; building resilience and being able to contribute to your community.
Each demographic is being mentally affected by COVID-19, Aaron argued, which is why it is imperative for organisations and individuals to integrate mental wellness exercises into their operations and daily routines.
Click here to read his eight tips to maximise mental wellbeing during COVID-19.
Another recipe – hop to it!
As promised, we’re back with another recipe from one of Tourism Portfolio’s DMC partners for you to try out at home.
This slightly daring recipe comes from the DMC Colours of Malta. What is it, you may ask? Why, it’s rabbit stew!
Director of marketing for Colours of Malta Cristina Galea says that rabbit is a healthy and lean meat, has an exquisite taste and is a local tradition in Malta.
You might have to go to a special butchery for this one, but, hey. Now’s the time to try something outside your comfort zone.
Access the full recipe here. 
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