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April 21, 2020
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New campaign to protect flights to regional areas
What the 'createrer' has been up to during lockdown
The show goes on at Melbourne & Olympic Parks
Marketing in tough times
New campaign to protect flights to regional areas
'Keep the Air Fair' is the name of a campaign being launched by the Queensland Regional Tourism Network to ensure that regional destinations do not suffer a reduction in air services post-COVID-19.
In a statement, Queensland Regional Tourism Network chair Simon Latchford acknowledged that while the Federal Government's short-term assistance package to expand Qantas and Virgin's air services is encouraging, additional steps must be taken to ensure that regional routes are not forgotten as this can lead to stymied regional tourism development and investment.
"We urge federal and state governments to consider the future of Virgin Airways as a matter of urgency, so that a competitive aviation sector is retained, and in doing so, supports one of the most significant industries and job generators in Queensland and Australia," he said.
What the 'createrer' has been up to during lockdown
World-renowned caterer and regular micenet columnist Tom Rutherford hasn't let being stuck inside dampen his creativity. In fact, quite the opposite.
With all of his events cancelled, Tom has used the time to host virtual dinner parties where he sends recipies through to his friends who each cook the dishes before logging in to Zoom to eat and critique as a group.
His last dinner party engaged 12 of his friends from Sydney, and featured a three-course menu comprising peking duck pancakes, yellow fish curry and creme caramel. Those who weren't keen on cooking, he told us, were allowed to buy the dishes and join in for the social bit.
When he hasn't been dining online, Tom has been busy in his workshop making tables and chairs for his house, an effort which will see him feature in this weekend's addition of The Weekend Australian magazine.
When asked about his predictions for the industry post-COVID-19, Tom said he believes people will be apprehensive about in-person events for quite some time.
"I think we're all going to be gun shy, and there will be a lack of enthusiasm for some time, potentially years," he said.
"The virtual world will expand exponentially, same as working from home."
Despite the obvious setbacks, Tom said he believes that we as people will come out of this crisis even better than before.
"This is giving us time to reflect and catch up, so I believe the outcome will be better," he said.
You can follow his adventures on Instagram here. 
The show goes on at Melbourne & Olympic Parks
If you needed some evidence that things are still going on behind the scenes, here's a fly-through video released this week of CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park.
Melbourne & Olympic Parks released the preview this week ahead of the venue's opening in late 2021.
Stage three of the Melbourne Park redevelopment is well underway, and, once complete, CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park will offer a 2000 sqm pillar-less ballroom with views of the Melbourne skyline.
To watch the video, click here. 
Marketing in tough times
By Malcolm Auld
The first rule of marketing in a difficult economy is "don't stop marketing".
All the research drawn from sales data over the last 40 years reveals the brands that continue to promote themselves during a recession or economic downturn always come out of the slump faster and in better condition than those brands that stop or significantly reduce their marketing activity.
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