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April 17, 2020
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ATIC makes fresh call to government
Crown stands down 11,500 employees
Singapore Airlines provides manpower to hospitals
Friday funnies
ATIC makes fresh call to government
Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) international arrivals data for the month of February 2020 showed a dramatic 26 per cent reduction on arriving international visitors compared with the same month last year.
In response to this, Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) executive director Simon Westaway has called on the federal and state governments to focus their attention on reprioritising the domestic tourism market.
“ATIC’s policy consistency is for Tourism Australia to have a permanent return to domestic tourism, and particularly over the short to medium term, have its primary focus around a more resilient and future recovering domestic tourism industry,” he said.
We are after all unlikely to see any loosening of a hard closed international travel border for some time.”
Mr Westaway also said that any future international market return will come from New Zealand and South East Asia, so the industry must consider how to approach this in the months ahead.
Crown stands down 11,500 employees
As reported by multiple media outlets yesterday, Crown Resorts has stood down 11,500 employees – which represents 95 per cent of its direct workforce – and has also secured $1 billion in debt.
Crown directly employs 12,000 people at its Melbourne and Perth resorts as well as 6500 contractors, which include security staff, housekeepers and restaurant staff.
The company said it has given permanent workers two weeks’ pay, and casual workers a $1000 lump sum to ease the burden.
Crown chief executive Ken Barton, Crown directors and other senior management will reportedly take a 20 per cent wage cut until June 30.
Singapore Airlines provides manpower to hospitals
More than 300 Singapore Airlines employees are set to become ‘care ambassadors’ by lending support to COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the country.
Under the supervision of nursing staff, the care ambassadors will provide administrative support and tend to patients who require routine medical care.
This can include helping patients sit up in bed, accompanying patients to the bathroom, serving meals and assisting during therapy sessions.
We think this is a great idea, and the employees will have a new set of skills to add to their resumes!
Friday funnies
A big thank you to Tourism Australia for bringing to our attention this gem of a video put together by Paul Cooper from Sydney and Melbourne Touring.
The video features 51 tourism workers from around the world channeling their inner pop diva, and it sure yanked us out of our mid-week quarantine slump.
Grab a Friday wine and have a watch of it here. 
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