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April 8, 2020
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Associations 'will survive' COVID-19
Tahiti focuses on the future
SA venues repurpose kitchens to feed the hungry
Another dose of quotivation
Associations 'will survive' COVID-19
Fears that many associations will be forced to close because of a loss of income from conference cancellations and dwindling memberships has been stymied by Associations Forum CEO John Peacock.
Speaking exclusively with micenet, John said that he believes the majority of associations will survive the crisis.
“Associations are usually financially conservative and have accumulated sufficient reserves to tide them over during lean times,” he said.
“2020 will certainly be one of those lean times because many associations rely upon their major events to be their flagship member service plus surplus-generator.
“Now that many associations have lost their major conference or exhibition, they will look at cautious reductions in staff numbers and hours worked.
“Further, associations often have multiple sources of income including membership subscriptions plus may be eligible for government assistance.
“The glimmer of good news for the meeting sector is that most associations will bounce back to being major clients of the meetings sector.
“Associations have missions to deliver services to members and wherever possible they will resume this role through events in late 2020 or 2021.”
Tahiti focuses on the future
Tahiti Tourisme hasn’t let the current situation deter its marketing efforts.
This week it launched Sunnier Days Ahead, a campaign which showcases an array of videos and images to entice future visitors to the island.
The first of the campaign’s two phases, which has the tagline ‘Postpone Your Trip, Don’t Cancel’, is currently being rolled out across social media.
You know what? We think this isn’t a bad idea. Lots of time at home equals lots of time for future holiday dreaming. We’re guessing those interested will travel via plane rather than cruise ship, though.
SA venues repurpose kitchens to feed the hungry
Adelaide Venue Management (AVM) – the organisation responsible for operating the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium – has committed to feeding the most vulnerable by delivering food to local catering organisations.
AVM will produce up to 10,000 meals a day in its venues’ kitchens, with the food being delivered to local catering organisations such as Meals on Wheels SA.
All food produced will be nutritious and healthy, and the project will keep around 60 people in jobs.
Another dose of quotivation
Darren Isenberg’s ‘quotivational’ videos have proven so popular with you lot that we’ve decided to make them a weekly instalment.
This week’s theme is ‘Amazing Achievers’, and Darren has rounded up some inspirational quotes from people throughout history who have faced up to challenges and succeeded.
Enjoy gleaning pearls of wisdom from Coco Chanel, Elon Musk, Nelson Mandela and more. While we’re at it, here’s another quote from our digital editor: “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.”
(Okay, it may have been Thomas Fuller who coined that, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate it regardless).
Have a watch of Darren’s video here. 
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