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June 22, 2020
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For her CINZ.  Lisa Hopkins standing strong
Australian Turf Club’s new tech platform
Singapore draws up Industry Resilience Roadmap
You’re all still cooking, right?
For her CINZ. Lisa Hopkins standing strong
Lisa Hopkins would never have thought the business event sector was about to fall off a cliff when she assumed the chief executive role at Convention & Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) in February 2020. But she’s been standing strong and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Brad Foster spoke with her this week. Have a read through the story here. 
Australian Turf Club’s new tech platform
Rosehill Gardens and Royal Randwick racecourses – two of Sydney’s favourite event locations - now boast world-class, digital technology platforms.
The Australian Turf Club (ATC) launched the $6.5 million technology transformation earlier this month, with features including: LED signage stretching 150m along the Rosehill Gardens and Royal Randwick home straights; winning post LED displays; enhanced IPTV and digital stream technology across 800+ digital displays across both venues; and advanced Wi-Fi and captive portal.
ATC executive general manager of commercial, Corina Black, said that the platform will allow for brands to connect directly with audiences during the live event experience, allowing for increased sponsorship opportunities.
Singapore draws up Industry Resilience Roadmap
By Lauren Arena
The Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS), together with Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore, has commenced work on an Industry Resilience Roadmap (IRR), which will serve as an “operational handbook” for the industry’s revival.
A collaborative effort between government and industry, the IRR will be revealed in stages and is focused on three strategic objectives:
1. Outlining a safe and sustainable operating environment
2. Strengthening business capabilities around digital innovation and risk mitigation
3. Developing new and certifiable workforce capabilities, and establishing a qualified list of industry players.
“Right now, our industry is at a strategic crossroads. We must marshal our collective wisdom and strength to revitalise our businesses and create new pathways for our workforce in the new world order,” SACEOS president, Aloysius Arlando, said.
As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, the re-opening of Singapore’s business events industry is expected to be “calibrated” and will depend on a series of “test water events” that will likely take place in the latter part of the year.
You’re all still cooking, right?
A lot of restaurants have re-opened their doors now, but this whole cooking at home thing has proven quite fun, and we’re keen to continue it into the future.
This week we’ve got a feijoada recipe from Tourism Portfolio’s DMC partner Walpax Brazil. Feijoada is a black bean stew that is brewed with a variety of salted and smoked pork and beef products, and served with rice, sautéed collard greens or kale, orange slices and topped with toasted cassava flour. Sounds intriguing, and like it's quite the departure from the sourdough and banana bread recipes everyone’s been perfecting in isolation.
Access the recipe here. 
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